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Superstructure block turn-over

Kon-Spaw has been established in 1997.

Though our first projects were petrol industry related, since very beginning we are strongly involved in production of aluminium constructions for shipbuilding.

For many years Konspaw has been a main contractor for other aluminium shipbuilding companies. Our professional aluminium fitters and welders were involved in many challenging projects of various scope.

In 2007 we have built our own production hall to perform direct orders. We are now capable to produce structures up to 40x24x8,2m [LxBxH] indoors. Our production hall is located in shipbuilding zone, with direct access to quay and good road access for truck transport of smaller products.


We've been successfully co-operating with many companies including:


For the complete list of projects we were involved with please send us an Reference request by email.

For this purpose you can use a contact form provided on this website (please select 'References request' as message subject for quicker recognition).

Section last update: 2013/12/22